Commentary - 07/10/2006

Warren Buffett, Class War And The Great Red Dragon

Buffett writes in his latest annual [2004] letter to shareholders, "If class warfare is being waged in America, my class is clearly winning." I'm sure he said this with a smile that comes from knowing the truth.

In addition, recently [June 25, 2006 - Fortune Magazine] there was an article titled "FORTUNE EXCLUSIVE: The mind that built the fortune also came up with a complex plan to hand it off."

That all looks simple enough with the exception that the lion's share of the funds is going to the Gates Foundation. Why? Coupled with Bill Gates' funds, the foundation ties up two of America's largest fortunes in one huge basket. Which begs the question, "Who REALLY runs that foundation?"

If you go back in history, you will find that unusually rich men, take Vanderbilt for example, who started with very little, relatively speaking, and were found upon their demise to be agents of Money Kings. Why, because it's NOT their wealth. That's why they have to give the lion's share of it back. They are bound to "obey orders" and the wealth is not allowed to be distributed outside the closed circle. Of course, small percentages are distributed to make things look good and keep folks quiet. Of course we know that foundations are set up to avoid "taxing" situations. We know that foundations are bound to distribute some of the funds to seemingly worthy causes. This is not disputed nor mocked.

The problem is that the power of the foundation's enormous funds can be utilized in directions not readily apparent or reported. Think of money as stored labor. As such, can you imagine this enormous army of labor immediately ready to do the bidding of its controller? What project gets assistance and what doesn't? It is an enormous opportunity to fund mischief, whether inadvertently or not. And how could any one defend against it?

Now back to Buffett's quotation.
In light of past history found in the book "Great Red Dragon", he is NOT being facetious. He's got a smirk. He knows he's an agent. He knows the power of his bosses. The "class war" is not about rich versus poor. It's about "psychopaths," who will never have enough, even as they attempt to "own the earth in fee simple."

"Psychopaths with attaches" is my name for them, because they have no conscience. They go after large independent companies and independent rich men, who have built what many would call fortunes, but which pale in comparison to the resources accessible to these agents. The recent merger and consolidation activity has been described as "frantic." For some reason, they're in a very big hurry. Just where, at the root, are all these acquisition funds coming from? Yes, I know, "hedge funds." But where does the hedge fund's resources come from? We don't know. There was a movement, not too long ago, for more transparency, but even that has been stifled as of now.

I don't think it's a class war. Even the independent rich are under threat of losing their wealth to agents of the Money Kings. The threat to the independent wealthy is that they are being whip-sawed in ALL markets. Only agents know what will go up in value and when, and what will go down in value and when. The government appears controlled by agents because financial watchdogs are not being permitted to do their jobs.

Those that try to preserve what they already have have no idea how to fight this financial tsunami, because all the warning bells have been disabled by agents. The Federal Reserve's M3, prices of PMs (gold,etc.), prices of certain stocks, and so on.

No, this is not a class war. This is a world-ownership showdown. There is a possibility of a new Dark Age if the "psychopaths" win, a Dark Age that would be almost impossible to end. Perhaps those who control agents do have a time frame in which they want to attempt to "own the earth in fee simple." That would explain the "frantic" efforts now taking place to merge, consolidate and "devour" companies.

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