Commentary - 07/11/2006

November Will Be Too Late

The candidate choices we hope to have in the upcoming elections must be decided now, during the primaries, rather than let things go until the elections in November. Why would I say that?

I have a sick feeling in my gut that we're approaching a worldwide end-game here. A final war, call it WWIII or whatever, but it is a physical and mental war between good (the many of conscience) and evil (the few of no-conscience) in every country.

In a recent book by Martha Stout PhD, author of "The Sociopath Next Door," those of conscience outnumber those of no-conscience 24 to 1. Why have we let those of no-conscience get into power over the majority of those with a conscience?

[Interestingly enough, after I posted this commentary, it was brought to my attention that John W. Dean has just published a book on this theme.]

We have seen the results of governments by men of no-conscience. Their actions do not match their words. In other words, they lie, steal and murder to have THEIR way, then pervert the law in attempts to say it doesn't apply to them.

Why, or what motivates, any religious group to support such men, who break at least those three of the Ten Commandments on a consistent basis? Are these not the fundamental rules that ALL religious groups agreed to abide by for the common good? Yes, I know some groups get faith-based funds in return for their support, but isn't that called "selling your soul," or perhaps they're "buying salvation?"

What motivates intelligent men to do such things? The only explanation I can give is that they are "psychopaths," men of no-conscience, who never can get enough, even as they attempt to be part of the group that "own the earth in fee simple." That's what is explained in the book "Great Red Dragon," which this web site makes available.

The only solution that I can suggest is for men and women with a conscience to vote for candidates with a conscience. In other words, those candidates who have consistently demonstrated that their actions have matched their word. Vote for the candidates who are representative of the 24 persons with a conscience, not the 1 of 25 of no-conscience.

It does not matter to which political party the candidate with a conscience belongs. I'm aware of Republicans with a conscience, of Democrats with a conscience, of Libertarians with a conscience, and so on, because of their past performance. They do what they can. But at the present, they are in the minority in local, state and federal government. That needs to be changed so we can say that they are in the majority.

Because "psychopaths" are so easily manipulated and motivated by funding from other "psychopaths," they can afford much media attention. Too many voters see only the ads and hear only the sound bites. That's why its called "selling the candidate," like a bar of soap. That's why so many votes presently go to "psychopaths." That's exactly what they're betting on, and that's exactly what we've been getting.

Ignore the political ads and take time to check out the candidate's past performance. Determine which candidate's past actions have matched their word, and then make sure only they get your vote. This is why primaries are so very important.

If candidates with a conscience are eliminated during the primaries, then it becomes true that in the final elections, voters have nothing left but to vote for the lesser evil. Then it's too late. That's how we got to this current state of our union.

At the speed at which changes are currently being made to our laws, against our Constitution, we just might never have this opportunity again. It's that serious. And if you have a choice, be sure to use paper ballots. Electronic voting machines are too easily manipulated.

One last thought: Write off politicians who claim to have brought in large sums of money to your district. They're just buying your vote so that you will overlook all the damage that's really being done. Come on now, does BUY 49, GET ONE FREE really seem like a good deal to you? Is it really worth it to you to get a free little piece of pork while having to pay for 49 other states. No wonder our state and federal deficits are so huge.

2006 by Edward Ulysses Cate
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