Commentary - 08/29/2006

Monsanto And "Terminator" Seeds

I never thought I'd see this in my lifetime. Here I am this morning, checking out one my favorite economic sites,, and there it was: Monsanto buys 'Terminator' seeds company, written by F. William Engdahl, and posted Aug 29, 2006. The "Terminator" seed company is Delta And Pine Land Company.

I'm sure you're thinking, "Yep, Ed's lost his mind now." Fact is, I am! All of these things are happening so fast, it's making my head swim. What got my attention in Engdahl's article was:

"The role of the US Government in backing and financing Delta & Pine Land's decades of Terminator research is even more revealing. As Kissinger said back in the 1970's, 'Control the oil and you can control entire Continents. Control food and you control people...'"
Yes, I have heard about these "seeds" before. There's a highly respected news magazine called AcresUSA, North America's oldest, largest magazine covering commercial-scale organic and sustainable farming. The editors have been talking about this for years. They even have a book, Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey M. Smith, published in 2003. And there's this book, too.

Unforgiven: the American Economic system SOLD for Debt and War, by Charles Walters, founder and executive editor of AcresUSA.

Walters mentions Delta & Pine Land in this book, which was originally published in 1971, then republished in 2003. Here's a quote that relates to the Money Kings, made years before I had found the Great Red Dragon book. Walters says, [about the Cotton Council] "The idea itself had been hatched by Oscar Johnston, then manager of the Delta and Pine Land Company of Mississippi, which was owned by English capital."

I have no reason to rewrite anything about Terminator seeds, as the links on this page will help you there. My interest is the entities that control Monsanto, as well as the Delta & Pine Land Company. Just like my essay on NovaGold vs Barrick, the same entities keep showing up, like AXA and Barclays Capital. Surely this is no coincidence, and these entities also show up as major owners of the other major owners of these companies. Guess a better term would be "fronts." Ya Think!

For some ungodly reason, it keeps feeling like a noose is getting tighter and tighter, as corporations are rapidly being consolidated into a few foreign hands, and they are doing so at "frantic" pace.

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In all fairness for educated choices, I also have found articles that takes a different view of the above information. Not being an agriculturist, I cannot say with certainty which view I should support. Comments welcome. Email here.
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