Commentary - 09/30/2006

Serfdom or Freedom: You Choose!
Yes, Your Vote DOES Count, Especially This November!

I never thought I'd see this in my lifetime. A real confrontation between good and evil resting upon a vote. This is not about Republicans, Democrats or any other political party. It is a choice between having a "representative that truly represents" or a "psychopath with an attache case," that some call "Snakes in Suits."

What we do this November will affect us, our children, and future generations of Americans, perhaps more than any other election. I do not like drama, but the pace of change has been so fast these last few years I do not know what else to say. Should the American voters allow "psychopaths with attache cases" to continue unchecked, we will certainly never get our country back. And we probably wouldn't want it back, either.

What causes certain political representatives to veer off the well-marked path of representing those who voted them into office? What causes our respresentatives to start voting against their own district's self-interest? Oh, they will say, "Look at the money I have brought into our district!" Surely they have, but we have to pay for 49 others to get this one free. No wonder national and state debts continue to climb.

Why is it that this is the only defense our representatives can offer? And how is it that they can raise enormous funds for their election campaigns? Who buys their loyalty from the public to their own self-interests? These questions are what these following pages attempt to answer.

Who Controls Our Hospitals?
Who Controls Our Health Care Companies?
Who Controls The Drug Companies?
Who Controls The [XAU] PHLX Gold/Silver Index?
Who Controls The [HUI] Amex Gold Bugs Index?
Who Controls Major Newspaper Companies?
Who Controls Our Major Oil/Gas Companies?
Who Controls Our Major U.S. Military Contractors?
Who Controls Our Largest Money Center Banks?
Who Controls Our Largest Investment Banks?
Who Controls The Dow Industrials?

I believe that this old 1889 book, "The Great Red Dragon," and the sub-title "Foreign Money Power In The United States," had answers to those questions then, and the pattern exists to the present. There is truly a force to be reckoned with, that had its beginnings over 400 years ago, that has been trying ever since to meet its goal, stated in its mission statement: "... to "own the earth in fee simple."

This would certainly explain why control of American companies is rapidly being consolidated into a few foreign hands, and why they are doing so at such a "frantic" pace. Damn any of the promises that these companies had made earlier, such as retirement benefits, health benefits and pensions.

So why would our "representatives" turn against their own voters? That is for whatever remains of their own conscience to decide. Now it's up to each voter to decide whether or not their representative is truly a person of conscience. Voters can only do this by evaluating their representative's past actions. Forget the one-liners, the sound-bites and the TV ads. Their actions are a matter of public record, whereas the media is obviously controlled by the same folks possibly controlling your representative.

If your present representative is NOT representing ALL of their constituents, then perhaps the best choice is simply to vote for the candidate who raises the least amount of money; watch his steps closely, and then vote in another replacement next time around. Perhaps then our representatives will come back to live in the same neighborhoods they left, rather than some gated-community in some strange place.

One last comment: I used to think that the cream rose to the top. But now I finally realize that most of the good is being drained, and most of what's left is only scum. It didn't have to be this way, but we have been lied to, for so long, in so many different ways, it has made it almost impossible to make truly intelligent choices.

Sad state of affairs, isn't it?

2006 by Edward Ulysses Cate

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