Commentary - 10/12/2006

Serfdom or Freedom: You Choose! Part 2
Yes, Your Vote DOES Count, Especially This November!

Examples of having "representatives that don't represent" are becoming very visible lately. There was a very interesting article titled "Raid on the Treasury," published today by the American Spectator. It is certainly a must-read, published by a group not associated in any way with this website. But their article will help make my point.

The article points out that "Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is turning the federal agency into Goldman Sachs South and allowing liberal Democrats the run of the building." My point is that "Snakes in Suits" will come from any political party. This shows that our upcoming election is a REAL confrontation between good and evil that rests upon your vote. This is not about Republicans, Democrats or any other political party. It is a choice between having a "representative that truly represents" or a "psychopath with an attache case." Conscience vs no-conscience.

It was also interesting that the Spectator mentioned the name of John FW Rodgers as chief of staff at Goldman Sachs. Googling the name came up with this interesting article: The Leadership Factory in BusinessWeek. "For both Democrats and Republicans looking for smart advisers, the firm at 85 Broad St. has been an unequaled hunting ground."

Yep, sure thing. Hmmm, wonder who owns BusinessWeek? Uh huh, a McGraw-Hill company. And who's at the top of the list? None other than Goldman Sachs. And note that Barclays and "Associates" have almost 20% of the shares. Now take a look here for Goldman's top ten major shareholders, and will wonders never cease? Barclays and "Associates" show up once again at almost 12%. They seem to show up all over the place. Now don't be too hard on McGraw-Hill, because if you check out who controls the major newspapers, guess who shows up again and again. But why don't we hear about such things in the news? Well, take a look at who controls the major TV networks. Sorry but it just doesn't end there. Here's a list I've compiled for other things controlled in your life. Yes, it is depressing, but how can you plan your financial actions if you don't know what beneath the veneer?

Who Controls Our Hospitals?
Who Controls Our Health Care Companies?
Who Controls The Drug Companies?
Who Controls The [XAU] PHLX Gold/Silver Index?
Who Controls The [HUI] Amex Gold Bugs Index?
Who Controls Major Newspaper Companies?
Who Controls Our Major Oil/Gas Companies?
Who Controls Our Major U.S. Military Contractors?
Who Controls Our Largest Money Center Banks?
Who Controls Our Largest Investment Banks?
Who Controls The Dow Industrials?

I believe that this old 1889 book, "The Great Red Dragon," and the sub-title "Foreign Money Power In The United States," had answers to those questions then, and the pattern exists to the present. There is truly a force to be reckoned with, which had its beginnings over 400 years ago, that has been trying ever since to meet its goal, stated in its mission statement: "... to "own the earth in fee simple."

Looks like they're getting close. Sad state of affairs, isn't it?

The article that preceded this is here.

2006 by Edward Ulysses Cate

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