Commentary - 10/16/2006

Global Economic War!

Well, it finally happened. We have been served notice that global economic warfare has not only been going on, but with arrogance that statement of fact is now being broadcasted. This morning, watching the Squawk Box while at the gym, I saw that Barclays was running their ad of "quietly conquering the world of finance." Has there ever been a more subtle pronouncement of "economic war?"

When I got to the office, I immediately googled "Barclay + conquering" and not only did they run the ads, they have the web site "" up and running now. You can see there that this "slogan" has become their trademark. It may have been there for awhile, but I had never seen it before today.

This would not have seem such an arrogant statement if I had not been working on these "who controls what" pages for so long. And just yesterday, while reading an outstanding piece of work just released by F. William Engdahl titled "Crisis of the U.S. Dollar System," his quote by Henry Kissinger struck me as another "hint" at the "real war." At the bottom of Engdahl's essay is the following:

"As Henry Kissinger once noted,
"Who controls the food supply controls the people;
who controls the energy can control whole continents;
who controls money can control the world."

What is also interesting is that Clan Barclay's crest is "Either Action Or Die!" This would bear little interest except for the fact that in another recent article, this one by Antal E. Fekete titled "When Atlas Shrugged-Part Two: Gibson's Paradox And The Gold Price," Antal states that Barrick's new battle cry is: "Acquire or Die." And just who controls Barrick? Find out here! For me, a chilling coincidence and the seriousness of all past financial deals that have been done.

The point is, control of American businesses is rapidly being consolidated into a few foreign hands, and they are also doing so at "frantic" pace. Damn any of the promises that had been made, such as retirement benefits, health care and pensions. And why is this being done? To "own the earth in fee simple."

Perhaps we should start calling "globalization" by its real name, "Barclayization." This is not a hate piece against Barclays, for there are other "families" involved in which I am not privileged to know about. I only see their imprints. Several that comes to mind is AXA, Fidelity, and Capital Group. All are so secretive that little is known about them except for their major holdings in major US corporations. How secretive are they? Here's one example!

You can do the same lookup on any public corporation and see for yourself who controls what. You will also see that some of the major holders are hardly nothing more than a "front" for another, more powerful group. Simply find out who the major holders of the major holders are and you will see for yourself. All of these "sub" companies and other "fronts" simply make it easier to deceive the public as to their true ownership and amount of control.

While doing this, remember that it only takes 10%, sometime less, sometimes more, of the stock to "control" a widely-held corporation. Especially when management and insiders show little or zero ownership. The key executives, as hirelings, simply take their marching orders and their outlandishly-large paychecks, and everybody else be damned. If they show any conscience about what happens to their employees or customer base, they are simply replaced by another "aggressive leader." Be sure to click on the company's stock letters to check on these "Key Executives," the sums they were paid last year and the stock options they cashed.

Another problem we're now facing is the growth of private-equity groups, which don't have to make the same disclosures as publicly-held groups. This is why they keep gaining up on the SEC to "prevent" disclosure and accountability. This story appeared September 1, 2006:
Buyout Firms Join Lobbying Efforts. I have no illusions that they are simply another type of "Snakes In Suits."

I have come to the conclusion there is only one sure way to fight back, for your own survival and for those you care about. They don't own everything, yet! But the end-game is surely getting close, if not already at hand. I like to think of that old saying, "The whale only gets harpooned when it spouts!" We, by ourselves, must take quiet, personal action to avoid losing that which we still have left. There will be no "clash of the titans" to make everything "right."

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2006 by Edward Ulysses Cate

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