Commentary - 01/17/2007

Why Evil Succeeds

Evil succeeds because good men do nothing.
Edmund Burke

We all have seen this saying, but WHY do good men do nothing? What possible motive could "good men" have to allow "evil" to succeed? I've just discovered Gotz Aly's latest book, shown below, and I think it has some of the best answers I've ever seen. He wisely does not draw any comparisions between the Nazi era and our present era, as that would obviously distract from his well-written book. But you will see the comparisions, as shown by all the work done thus far on this web site, that these facts are not coincidences.

The same forces have risen once again. The "great red dragon" has been awaken, it's hungry, it's demanding to be fed, and once again, good men are doing nothing. "Good men" are content with their "bread and circuses." Catch a glimpse of any NFL game from high above, and then tell me there is no similarity. There is no thought given before, during or after, to the horrendous financial tsunami about to wash over them once again. Perhaps this quote from Maya Angelou says it best; "History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again."

"It is one of the most perplexing questions the world has faced: Why did so many ordinary Germans support the persecution of Jews and the Nazi state? Was it fanatical racism? Brainwashing? Or could it possibly have been as selfishly barbaric as choosing profit over humanity?"

Award-winning author Gotz Aly, one of the most respected historians of the Third Reich and the Holocaust, believes it was indeed money that blinded the German people from their duty as human beings.

He makes a good case that the German people were swept away by government handouts, tax breaks and preferential legislation, leaving little chance for a domestic movement that may have halted Nazi crimes.

Do we have to go through all the same horrors???

So, just where are these "good" men that let "evil" succeed? They're in every political organization, every corporation, every religious organization, and every governmental and educational institution. "Good" men are everywhere! For what reason would any of them allow "evil" to succeed? Too many to list here, that's for sure. But I'm sure the top reason would easily be "profit over humanity."

Let's NOT confuse "ordinary profits" with "imperialism's profit." This is the point socialists miss when disparaging capitalism. The independent business MUST make a profit in order to survive. Imperialism's profits are stolen from the independent business. That's why the military is used to "enforce" the tax. And when imperialism has finished "raping" its own heartland, it moves on to other countries. All because "good men do nothing."

The title of the book below says it all. It happens to be about our previous president and the men around him, but that's not my point. The real message is the book shows all the chances "good men" have to do something, and they don't. It's that simple. Thus the title "SELL OUT" says it all.

Written by David Schippers, the chief investigative counsel for the Clinton impeachment, a trial attorney and a Democrat. Schippers was hired by Republican congressman Henry Hyde to lead an oversight investigation of the Justice Department, then was redirected to handle the impeachment.

"If you ever want to vote again, you might not want to know what went on behind the scenes in the Capitol Hill meat grinder leading up to and during the impeachment proceedings against William Jefferson Clinton . . . Lies, cowardice, hypocrisy, cynicism, amorality, butt-covering--these were the squalid political body parts that, squeezed through the political processor, combined to make a mockery of the impeachment process.

Schippers also reveals the evidence he was building against the Clinton administration regarding its huge illegal INS [immigatration] actions and Chinagate, but that he was forced to drop. And now, less than ten years later, we suffer the consequences.

My main point is that control of American companies is rapidly being consolidated into few hands, with our government's assistance, and they are also doing so at "frantic" pace. Damn any of the promises that had been made to you earlier, such as retirement benefits, health care and pensions. You can bet the "psychopaths with attaches" [see Snakes in Suits] are playing this game until you have absolutely nothing left.

As long as "evil" is rewarded, and "good" is not, the "Great Red Dragon" feasts.

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2007 by Edward Ulysses Cate
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