Commentary - 02/20/2007

Identifying Psychopaths

To identify a "psychopath," let's start with this definition: Robert D. Hare describes psychopaths as, "intraspecies predators who use charm, manipulation, intimidation, and violence to control others and to satisfy their own selfish needs. Lacking in conscience and in feelings for others, they cold-bloodedly take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret." [more]

Let's also assume that "Disinformation must be 90% accurate for all of it to be believed."

So here's an example:

Bill, turning 21 this last October, wanted to go snow skiing in a few months. It will be his first time out to the Rocky Mountains. He's never been away from the farm, having lived his whole life just outside of Kansas City, Missouri. His friend George claims to have been everywhere and done everything, so Bill asked him for advice.

George said, "Look Bill, this is going to take a lot of my time. How about a "small" consulting fee?"
Bill said, "Sure. Seems fair." So they negotiated and settled on some amount.
George then said "Okay. Now listen to what I tell you over the next few weeks, and follow it to the letter."

1. You gotta get in good shape, Bill. Start working out a little harder around the farm.

2. Focus mainly on your legs, man, and work on your balance.

3. It's not cheap, Bill, so start saving some money for lodging and lift tickets. Make reservations, too.

4. It's about 600 miles away, so get caught up on your car's maintenance, too.

5. Obviously there will be snow on the roads, so it looks like you'll need some new tires.

6. It's cold up there in the mountains, so buy some thermos (underwear.)

7. Since you're single, be sure to buy a cool ski outfit. You know, pants and jacket, cap, gloves and goggles.

8. You're going to have to rent boots, skis and poles, too, when you get there.

9. The temperature varies a lot up in the mountains, so be sure to dress in layers. Take some sweaters.

10. The final day arrives, and Bill's ready to leave. George says:
"Good luck, Bill. Have fun. Remember, when you get to I-70, be sure to head East."

After Bill said good-bye and headed down the road, you should have heard George's psychopathic laughter. "Heh, heh, heh. When Bill gets 600 miles down the road, he'll be 1200 miles away from the mountains. It will chew up at least three days of his vacation. We'll laugh about this for years."

Then George and his girl friend went out that evening to an expensive dinner and the theater, using the money George received from Bill for "consultation." The money will be gone long before Bill gets back from his trip.

The definition of Gospel used here is "Something accepted as unquestionably true." False Gospel, whether it be education, economics, or religion, follows the same logic above, except one's whole life may well be mis-directed.

BEWARE of those who
"Spread False Gospel and Collect Real Gold."

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You could be their victim, too. I suspect we all are, to different degrees, at this point in time. Verify, to YOUR satisfaction, ALL statements made to you the best you can. The time and effort is worthwhile. We have all been too trusting of others we hardly know. If it doesn't make sense in your gut, you're probably being manipulated by a "psychopath."

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