Commentary - 08/13/2007

We Must Have A Military Draft (NOT)

This essay was written because those who would profit the most from re-instatement of the draft would be loath to admit it. However, by showing past recent performance of our war's beneficiaries, perhaps this page will show why the War Gods still haven't had enough blood sacrifices to grant more profits. You can even see that lately there's been a slight downturn, and in sort of a panic, they're now floating the military-draft trial-ballon once again. Perhaps by seeing what has happened thus far these last five years, others will see what has taken place, and to predict with some certainty that which may follow with a re-instatement of the military-draft.

Let's start with the first group that were granted profits. These are the top four companies that receive government contracts for war goods, with all showing amazing growth these last five years. More information can be found here. Be sure to note their inter-connections with investment banks.

Combined salaries for 2006 of the top FOUR executives of Lockheed Martin was $10.51 Million.
Bonuses not included.

If you check carefully, each military supplier has some of the following companies as major institutional investors. More information can be found here. You will also be able to see the inter-connections of these companies.

Combined salaries for 2006 of the top TWO executives of Citicorp was $48.68 Million.
Bonuses not included.

These four largest money-center banks have also profited greatly. More information can be found here. And once again, be sure to check out the corporate inter-connections.

Combined salaries for 2006 of the top FOUR executives of Citicorp was $38.52 Million.
Bonuses not included.

Naive, mis-guided and mis-educated military men and women, who truly believed they were fighting for their countrymen, have in the past and are now in the present are shedding their blood for the benefit of a few financiers. Of course, the "Money Kings," or "Masters of the Universe," will deny such things. After all, they will claim that they're "risking" their investments to finance these wars, too.

Throughout history, the blood of honorable and brave soldiers had been sacrified to the War Gods by financiers who have profited greatly from each and every war. In fact, if those wars had not been financed, there would have been hardly any serious escalation of local conflicts. It has been this way since at least the 1600s, first by the English and joined later by Americans. Of course other countries have been involved, because all debtors must have opposing debtors. Isn't it disgusting to finally realize the Cold War was simply pitting two large countries against each other, with all financing coming from the same source. Then THEY decide who's credit gets pulled first. The leader of the country who's credit was not pulled emerges as the "victor."

Then next, the most amazing thing happens. The war is over, the military supplies expended, and the losing country is in financial ruins. Everything has lost its value. Then the same financiers start loaning money for the rebuilding of the losing country. Then much later, when they'd figured that they've reach the maximum amount of profit, war is once again financed and they lying, stealing and murder commences once again. The same groups of financiers grow richer and richer with each cycle. This they have done since the 1600s. It's their dream that NOW they will finally own the earth, in fee simple.

The problem is, because they're "dead," meaning no empathy nor conscience, they're never satisfied. Enough is NEVER enough. More and more blood is needed by the War Gods in their endless attempts to satisfy their unsatiable emptiness. They call for a military draft so that more blood sacrifices can be offered to the War Gods. This goes on until citizens and soldiers realize they've been had, by blindly participating in this foolish financial game. Ex-soldiers then throw down their weapons in disgust, and fairly soon embrace the "enemy" that they now realize were simply their "brothers."

As time goes on, another generation is born and falsely educated, and then the same chess game gets repeated. Only today its with different pawns with no knowledge (or understanding) of what had really taken place once before. They don't even know where to look. And how could they? They'd been lied to since birth, with lies of omission. Tell me, was this discussed in your school days? at any level?

Ordinary decent people do not have resources to fight wars, nor do they even want to. However, the simple majority of political hacks of every political party owe their wealth and their allegience to these "Masters of the Universe." Then they too become "dead," "sold out" and quietly refuse to represent their voters. That's why America is in this downward economic death spiral.

It's simply amazing that so many of the "living" allow themselves to be ruled by so few of the "dead."

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2007 by Edward Ulysses Cate
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