Commentary - 08/18/2007

God's Warriors: What's Wrong With Fundamentalism?
It's fundamentally wrong.

I have just become aware of the upcoming CNN presentation of God's Warriors. Holy smokes!!! View the show trailer by clicking "Behind The Scenes." Is this not an attempt to goad the three major religions of the world (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) into ever more serious fighting against each other? Why would any group WANT these three great religions trying to kill each other? And for what purpose?

Before answering these two questions, what's wrong with Fundamentalism? Where does it say, in any of those three religions' holy books, that it is right to lie, steal and murder? All three religions claim to be Abrahamic religions? Well, what if Abraham LIED? Right in Genesis, it states that he would receive FAME, that HIS offsprings would rule, and that gold and silver resulting from murdering others would go into the LORD's treasury. And then who administers the LORD's treasury? It states that Abraham goes to a mountain top and declares all the land that he can see and beyond, is rightfully his and his offsprings, even though many other groups of people have already been living there for unknown times. Next, it's okay to murder them? And do not forget that he was ALREADY a very rich man, with gold and silver, slaves and animals, and a trophy wife to BEGIN with. Are these not sociopathic traits?

In the past, when the world was much larger in the sense of distance and slower travel time, such mis-beliefs didn't matter too much. Sure, you had your skirmishes, but they did not involve the whole earth. Because of the Internet and jet-set travel times, these mis-beliefs are now seriously running into each other. Who's right? Who's wrong? These are very heated topics. Does anyone give a thought that this mis-belief is being manipulated by an outside group who has sociopathic desires to "own the whole world in fee simple?" (Fee simple, means "lawful ownership, no debt.")

Groups of men have tried before. The British East India Company once bragged that "The Sun never sets on the British Empire." The financial groups that lied, stole and murdered their way to untold fortunes have never truly gone away. The BEIC was formed in 1600. The address of the White House is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The US flag is the BEIC company flag, modified only by putting 13 stars in the blue shield, replacing St. Georges Cross. The state flag of Hawaii IS the BEIC company flag, with only seven stripes instead of thirteen. Of greater interest to me was that the first boat "Malice Scourge" was renamed "Red Dragon." Of course, these are coincidences. Yeah right! These men knew exactly what they were doing, and within 11 years, the King James Bible was published, worked on by 50 men that could be known as "God's Secretaries."

Admittedly, the BEIC was dissolved in 1857 and gave up control to the British Crown. However, think about these questions for a moment. Do you think that these small groups of sociopathic men would ever forget raking in up to 32,000 percent on their investments? Do you think they would give up their land, gold and silver, and other riches and simply fade away? You wouldn't bet your life on it, would you! They quietly went to other parts of the world, using their riches to get more. Today, we call that investing in emerging markets.

With today's technology, such as high-speed communications via satellite, Internet and jet travel, these decendants of the BEIC and others who have joined various groups think that obtaining the original goal of "fee simple" ownership of the earth is NOW possible. Remember, these are sociopaths who think you're just another mammal of the animal world. Rodents are mammals. An "elite" is one who has convinced themselves that they are "entitled" to this loftly position. There are NO elites, just sociopathic men and women who have proved that they will lie, steal and murder without empathy to try and fill their emptiness. The real problem is that is impossible. However, they try. Do you really think that "Barbarians At The Gate" is only a book's title?

So to answer the first question: Why would any group WANT the followers of these three great religions stirred up to kill each other?

Even only watching the trailer, you can see that "God's Warriors" uses symbolism and words to incite strong feelings for one's own religion, and anger/resentment towards other religions. In your mind, replace the Lighted Cross with the Nazi Swastika and you could be re-viewing a Hitler "religious" rally. When people are fighting, they are NOT thinking. They're only using the flight/fight part of their brain. We are not many generations from cavemen times. They are not thinking WHO ELSE would benefit from their constant bickering and fighting. They are not asking WHO is financing THEIR efforts. Won't they be sick in their stomachs when they find out that the ultimate source of their funding comes from the same groups that fund THEIR "enemies?" Most citizens do not have the resources to fight each other, but those who would ultimately win the most from these battles happily provide the necessary resources. Then people thank THEIR god for the funds to carry on the fight against others.

For what purpose? There are certain groups trying to own the earth in "fee simple." I've mentioned this earlier. But who are these financial sociopaths? You will never know their names, and should any one of them be found out and somehow removed, there's always someone to take their place. Individuals don't matter, but the groups can be singled out. They make their money financing destruction, then they make more money financing re-construction, and then simply repeat the cycle. They become richer, while everyone else becomes poorer. When the poor become so poor that they loose private ownership of land, guess who actually owns the land?

Here's an effort to track down the source. First, with six hours of expensive television time, let's see who controls CNN. Cable News Network is owned by Time Warner. The major shareholding block, which I call Barclays and Associates, owns at least 13%. You can control any large corporation that has extensive shareholders by controlling 10% or more. There's no way for me to know who controls Barclays, certainly not the people listed on it's web site. Everyone listed, from top to bottom, is enslaved, no more and no less, than you and I. So don't bother them!!! It will do no good. Believe it or not, they are not the problem.

Since God's Warrior has not yet been presented, I cannot list the sponsors. I will, and you can too. You don't need me. Simply write down the sponsors and then go to Look up the major holders of each company. You will see the same patterns, and you'll see who expects to benefits from this fighting. Not the company, but the major holders.

You can also see the ownership patterns I've already discovered with the major military providers, the major investment banks, and the major money center banks. They even control the 30 Dow Industrials. You can also see how these groups have already benefited from our military adventures since 2001. To me, this all adds up to Global Economic War.

Sickening, isn't it? I did not enjoy discovering this information. My motivation in sharing this is the hope that my children do not end up slaves, and that their children will not be born into slavery. It's simply amazing that so many of the "living" allow themselves to be ruled by so few of the "dead."

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2007 by Edward Ulysses Cate
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