Commentary - 10/22/2007

A Stent Into America's Heart

There's only one thing worse than having a stent put into your heart, and that's having one put in when not required. As this was done to me, so is such a thing happening to America's heartland. They say there is no truth to the rumor of a NAFTA super-highway. It is denied by such high-ups as a senator from Missouri, such as these quotes from an article that appeared May 31st, 2007, Page A2 of the Kansas City Star newspaper:

Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo., a powerful member of committees that would authorize and pay for a NAFTA Superhighway, if one were being planned, dismissed the notion as "unfounded theories" with "no credence."

"There is absolutely no U.S. government plan for a NAFTA Superhighway of any sort," said David Bohigian, an assistant secretary of commerce.

NOTE: Sen. Kit Bond was a speaker and his picture was used in NAW's 2005 report [pdf] and the 2005 summary [pdf].

Do you need another illustration of the lack of transparency from our government? They do NOT lie. There is NOT a single lie in the above two quotes. However, lying-by-omission is lack-of-transparency. Your government has no plans, but private powers that manipulate your government certainly does. How can one claim these things? Well, here's an example this week, again from the Kansas City Star.

On Page C1, October 20, 2007, is "KC Conference Explores Promise Of Trade Corridor," which says: "Government officials and business executives from three nations today will wrap up a three-day conference in Kansas City aimed at doing business on the so-called NAFTA highway."
It goes on to say 140 people attended from Mexico, Canada and the United States, and that this was the THIRD consecutive year for what's called "North America Works." Kansas City and the Texas-based North America's SuperCorridor Coalition Inc. hosted this conference. This was twice the attendance as of last year. I guess these are people that have nothing else to do with their time, as this "notion" is "unfounded theories" with "no credence," according to Missouri's senator.

For those interested, North America Works is available at the moment. They also provide a link to North America’s SuperCorridor Coalition, known as NASCO. Here's what NASCO says is THE SOLUTION:

NASCO’s purpose is to boost economic development activity by supporting:

* Multi-modal (rail, truck, ships, air cargo) infrastructure improvements
(Sounds okay, but why can't our government own these facilities instead of private capital?)

* Technology and security innovations on existing infrastructure to improve security and efficiency
(Security for what? Things being brought in that most citizens would oppose? and do it efficiently?)

* Enhanced visibility, security, and accountability of supply chains critical to every day life
(Whose supply chains are accommodated? Walmart? or your local hardware supplier?)

* Environmental projects to preserve quality of life and allow for future growth
(Quality of life for whom? those that own and control this monster? or for most citizens?

* Strengthened security in cross-border trade flows
(In other words, selected trade flows will be decided by whom to receive security, making it insecure for those NOT on the list?)
My objections mainly are the secrecy, the denials and the private capital/ownership involved. If it was such a good thing for all citizens, wouldn't this be openly discussed and promoted? This is going to hugely profitable for a select few and devastating to rest of us.
To understand, investigate the players:

Priority Logistics Inc.
U.S Customs - Until recently, it was
Homeland Security
Kansas City Southern Railways
Hunt Midwest Enterprises
CenterPoint Properties - CalPERS
Burlington Northern SanteFe Railways
YRC WorldWide
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Canadian Pacific Railway Limited
Transport Canada
InterVISTAS Consulting Inc.
INTERPOC - International Point of Commerce
ExxonMobil Ventures México, Ltd.
Kansas City SmartPort
Fed Ex
Marleon International
United Parcel Service
Ford Motor Company

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