Commentary - 11/11/2007

Sarkozy: "I wish to reconquer the heart of America"

Just so there is no mis-interpretation here, Sarkozy actually said, "I wish to reconquer the heart of America and I wish to reconquer the heart of America in a lasting fashion." I live in the Heart of America and have taken this as a valid threat. Same old double-speak from Washington. Some people will interpret his statement that he wants to be friends. Yeah, right. Friends as long as he and his financial backers own you, and they want that to be "in a lasting fashion." Does that sit well with you!?

Now why would I say such a thing? Well, it could be because LaFarge now owns the only cement production facility near Kansas City. It is also the largest cement company in the world.

It could be because our former regional Commercial Federal Bank, which was nation's 12th largest thrift, is now named Bank of the West, which is owned by the French bank BNP Paribas.

It's not a secret, but few know the Chairman of Barclays Bank married into the Rothschild family, of which there are the British family and the French family, among others.

So what? It makes me sit up and notice when Barclays arrogantly warns us with a quietly conquering web site. Henry Kissinger said it best with:

"Who controls the food supply controls the people;
who controls the energy can control whole continents;
who controls money can control the world."
Here's just a sample of the tenacles of foreign ownership reaching just about every public company in the Heart of America. I was going through the glossy newspaper inserts last Sunday and it dawned on me that none of those glossy inserts were from locally-controlled businesses. They were ALL corporate chains, public corporations or owned by private equity firms.

The huge French insurance company AXA, along with Barclays, shows up many times as some of the Top 10 major holders of these companies, or a Major Holder within the structure of another major holder. Looking at the information within these links will show you, in detail, just who are these Major Holders. You will also begin to see the pattern.

Here's a run-down on some of these companies so that you can see who really controls the Heart of America. Now you'll know the source of that loud sucking sound that money makes as it leaves your community. This is why it's so hard for local workers to get fair compensation and for your local merchants to compete. In my opinion, this has gotten way out of hand, and we're going to be worse off for it.

The largest regional banks in Kansas City are United Missouri Bank and Commerce Bank. Even they have foreign major shareholders. There are other branches of larger banks, which have been reported on here.

Some of our area's largest employers have foreign major holders, such as Sprint, Embarq, DST Systems, Cerner, Garmin, and YRC Worldwide.

Even if you only want to grab a bite somewhere quick, here's who owns a few of your choices.

For a bit more fancier fare, how about one of these KC restaurants:

Some of these restaurants might be in your city:

Then for some shopping, perhaps:

Perhaps you need something electronic, then there's:

For a pharmacy run, there's:

So, when the President of France says "I wish to reconquer the heart of America," I certainly take him at his word. The only real problem is that although he's saying it now, it's been quietly taking place for many years. Surely that's why President Bush said, "You sent a very clear message. It's clear that you're a man who does what he says he's going to do. It's the kind of fellow I like to deal with!" Yep, I'm sure they both meant what they said. Like two pit bulls ganging up on unsuspecting victims.

2007 by Edward Ulysses Cate

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