Commentary - 11/26/2007

Sometimes The Dragon Wins

Many years ago, back in the mid-70s, I did some consulting work for the Navy in San Diego. While waiting in an officer's office, I glanced around and just happened to see this nailed to the wall:

Sometimes the Dragon Wins

There are times, my friend,
When no matter how brave the Noble Knight
No matter how swift his Gallant Steed
No matter how pure the Maiden he would rescue
No matter how Just the cause for which he fights
There are times, my friend,
When the Dragon will still win.
-- Unknown --

Being in my mid-20s at the time, I thought "What is THAT doing in an officer's office?" As I was somewhat intimidated at the time, I said nothing, but I never forgot the incident.

Now forty years later, I know exactly what it means and why it was on the officer's wall. I share it with you because we are in THE battle of Good and Evil, sociopath against non-sociopath. It's the Atlantean story all over again. It's not about the physical existence of Atlantis. The idea is that we should use the story to examine our ideas of government and power. [And its abuse!]

Do not despair in knowing of this message. We are not going to lose all the battles. In fact, Americans have won most battles, but lost the financial wars. We did not acknowledge the existence of the Great Red Dragon, the financial forces that have financed both sides of all wars since 1600. Thanks to the Internet, it is now in full view for those who dare to look.

The world has been down this road many times since 1600 and still the world continues to revolve. Due to the fact we have been lied to [by omission] for so long, great physical pain and financial suffering is coming our way. Through the efforts of organized religion, education and government, our natural self-defense of mind, body and soul has been severely compromised. However, once you realize that, your recovery has already begun. Every day you will become stronger and less tolerant of the Dragon's financial nonsense.

So the message here is NOT to give up. You have a good mind, USE IT! Think for yourself. Then when you combine with others who have thought for themselves, and you agree! then you'll know that you're honestly on to something.

Yes, we should have started a long time ago. But it is still NOT too late to send the Dragon back to its lair and minimize its influence over us. Knowledge and true self-awareness are all one needs to quit feeding [giving money to] the Dragon. Don't you think it's time YOU quit feeding the Dragon? Or do you simply want it to keep winning?

Sometimes The Dragon Wins

2007 by Edward Ulysses Cate
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