Commentary - 07/09/2008

Electing A President - Lyin' And Stealin' Behind The Curtains

Along with most everyone else, I've been watching the on-going charades that are taking place this election year between the candidates for President.

When I revisited the following illustration recently, this question immediately came to mind:

In the great scheme of things, when did it ever really matter which candidate was elected President?

It's obvious that we keep watching the puppet, rather than the puppeteer.
So we change presidents, but the puppeteer still continues as if nothing changed.

Source: Wikipedia - Edgar Bergen

Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen

Mortimer Snert and Edgar Bergen

We can't take out the puppeteer, simply because there's another sociopath just waiting to take the place of one that falls. The only way to win is not to play.

In farming terms, that means pulling the weeds out of your own garden. Vote out the sociopaths from your community's political offices before they get powerful enough to do more damage. If each community did that, then that would clean up the counties. With clean counties, that would clean up the state. With clean states, we'd have a clean country. Not perfect, mind you, but it would keep the lyin', stealin' and murderin' to a minimum and far away from us ordinary folks.

In studying honest history, it's always come down to us ordinary folks having to do that dirty work anyway.

But Sometimes The Dragon Wins. . . Sigh.

2008 by Edward Ulysses Cate
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