Commentary - 08/19/08

Getting Title To The United States

While reading this news article today posted by Bloomberg "Fed's Lacker Clashes With Paulson on Fannie, Freddie" I could not help but recall the goal specified in the old 1889 Great Red Dragon book about the Money Power's sociopathic desire to "own the earth in fee simple." This means acquiring TITLE, not just investing.

The article refers to privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as quoted here:

Richmond Federal Reserve Bank President Jeffrey Lacker called for ``demonstrably'' privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, becoming the first Fed official to publicly clash with the Bush administration's strategy of keeping them as federally backed firms.

``I would prefer to see them credibly and demonstrably privatized,'' Lacker said today in an interview with Bloomberg Television. He agreed with former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan's view that the two largest U.S. mortgage finance firms ought to be nationalized, then split up and sold off.

Could the "good cop" vs "bad cop" ploy be any more obvious? There's no way Paulson and Lacker could NOT be on the same page. They're both agents for the same puppeteers. This is just show, to make it look like a debate. Like two used car dealers saying each has the best deal, but both are connected and owned by the same folks.

So they finance the buyout with taxpayers' funds, for whatever little on the dollar they can get, and then THEY acquire TITLE. When the economy comes around, whenever, they would stand to reap enormous profits while taxpayers are still on the hook for the original financing.

In the meantime, they will own appoximately 42% of the real estate of the United States. Wow!!!
There is a related commentary written earlier this year: Owning The U.S. In Fee Simple

I guess they really do think we're stupid.

This is exactly why: Sometimes The Dragon Wins

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