Commentary - 07/23/09

Proof of Lying-By-Omission

Propaganda, a word which was first coined by the Vatican in 1622 (Congregationi de Propaganda Fide), has rolled over the people of the United States for centuries. We're continually bombarded by not-so-true statements made by folks who know better, but use the knowledge for personal gain by lying-to and stealing-from others.

Folks are NOT sheep, nor do we need a shepherd to tend the flock, as Bush-financed evangelists would have you believe. Folks are simply lied-to-by-omission via the education process. They are being told WHAT to think rather than taught HOW to think. Folks have always had a natural self-defense of their mind, body and soul, but ceaseless propaganda has put a virus into their self-protection shield. Although the truth may be buried, somehow a small corner of it peeks through the dirt, and curiousity precipitates further digging. Thus truth emerges once again. We have been down this road before.

By chance I happen to come across this pamphlet with an intriging title years ago. Times were good, so it was put away in a safe place. Recently, circumstances in today's world made me think of it again. So it seems a good time to bring this to you. We've seen the economic results of lying in Zimbabwe; we've seen the results of dollar devaluation in America, and now money is being created at a rate almost never seen before. This pamphlet thus seems highly relevent at this time. It deals with:

The title of this eight-page pamphlet is The Struggle of Labor with an Inflated, Unredeemed Currency and Its Paupering Results. It was published in 1878. You would think we would have learned by now if such knowledge wasn't kept from all of us. If a nobody like me without ivy-league credentials can come across such information, god knows it's been hidden at higher levels.

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The universal depression of business continues. Bankruptcy still stalks through the country. The impediments to industry have not been removed. The avenues to the full and profitable employment of labor remain closed.
Page 3
In carrying on the trade operations of the country, money simply performs its part in common with the railway, the steam or sailing vessel, the express, the post office and telegraph. All these are mediums of exchange, but what sane man dreams of multiplying such exchanges--other than money--ad infinitum.
Page 4
It looks very much as if the leaders of the inflation movement were imposing on public credulity for the advancement of selfish personal purposes. But they put forth the cry that the country can never be prosperous again until the people are furnished with "CHEAP MONEY."
Page 5
And yet, in the face of this awful experience, visionary theorists in finance, backed by political demagogues, hungering for place and power, would demonetize the precious metals, destroy the national banks, and by an issue of billions of irredeemable Government paper, eventually sink the nation to a lower depth of poverty and suffering than it yet has experienced.
Page 6
While all have severely suffered from the effects of an inflated, fluctuating currency, the burden borne by the wages-earning class has been decidedly the heaviest of all.
Page 7
THE SOURCE OF MATERIAL WEALTH. Labor, not money, produces and increases the wealth of a nation. This is as true of the United States as of England or other civilized countries.
Page 8
WHERE THE BURDEN FALLS. Experience has proven that the heaviest burden growing out of a depreciated currency falls upon the poorer classes. Under a vicious currency system such as we have had in the past, and which theorists and demagogues are seeking to revive in a still more objectionable form, the bulkiest portion of taxation falls upon the laboring man.

I think this is proof that the Harvards, Yales, and Princetons of the world consciously omit seeing that such things are taught to everyone else, simply so that they can create the economic conditions we're seeing now. This specialized class, the so-called elites, are not elites, but sociopaths. They have used their knowledge against the public, rather than for the public, to whose benefit they were paid to teach. For this, taxes were levied on the public. To me, they have committed fraud.

Living in the midwest that's full of early history, these so-called elites are like scouts hired by wagon masters to safely cross the plains. Rather than avoid the pitfalls and quicksand, they guided the wagon train directly into them. Then when everything had been abandoned, they come back with their friends and silently retreive the goods to sell elsewhere. Obviously this would be highly profitable and not unlike stealing from the public in the night by silently devaluing the public's money.

Sometimes The Dragon Wins because of lies.

2009 by Edward Ulysses Cate
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