Commentary - 06/07/2010

Time For A REAL House of Representatives

Most in Congress lack common sense because they've lost sense of the common good.
Edward Ulysses Cate

Our congressional representatives do not represent us, their constituents. Why?

Imagine if you had a professional jury in your town; that is, jury members who earn their living serving continuously to the exclusion of other citizens.

Think of the corruption that would take place as professional jurors started deciding trials in favor of their wealthier supporters, should any of their not-so-legal doings even come to trial.

Consider your chances of justice, should you be wronged by theft, arson, or even an automobile accident caused by a wealthy individual.

Having thought of those things, you should now understand why the United States, or even your state government, does not have a REAL house of representatives. Almost all of your representatives are career politicians, financed by their wealthy patrons.

With the [non]Patriot Acts, the financial bailouts, so-called healthcare reforms and funding the never-ending war, we've already seen enough proof that our representatives truly do not represent their folks back home, nor are they even required to do so.

Therefore, it's now-or-never time for one last dramatic attempt to save ourselves from a plutocracy that desires to "own the world in fee simple."

We now see their modus operandi:
Get folks into so much debt that they can never pay their own, nor their government's debt. Once they cannot pay their debts, their property is confiscated by their government. You know that even if your home and property is owned free and clear, you still are obligated to pay state property taxes, or lose your property.

As these taxes get excessive, as it already is for millions of folks on fixed-income, then who ultimately gets your property at tax-lien sales? This is exactly how sociopathic international bankers intend to eventually "own the world in fee simple."

These sociopaths use our Republican and Democrat party system to keep the non-sociopaths, the 99% of good, decent folks, from coming together against the 1% who make up the so-called "ruling class."

There are good folks who favor Republicans, good folks who favor Democrats, and good folks that favor other political parties. The problem is those at the top of the largest parties are sociopaths, who win no matter who's in power. They are the ones who keep confusing decent folks, so folks don't see that they're being manipulated to stop them from working together for the common good.

It would take very little effort, under current laws, for non-sociopaths to take back control of their government, out of the hands of these financial sociopaths.

Citizens could elect a person to represent their congressional district for ONE SESSION of Congress.

In today's world of almost instant communications, the average person who cares is at least as knowledgable, if not more so, than their current representative. At least they would not be so stupid as to cast their vote for anything they had not read. Surely most of us already know many folks that would be capable of being a fair representative.

These REAL representatives would not be required to do political campaigning nor fund-raising. Perhaps five people at a time would be chosen from a lottery drawing. Their biographies had already been submitted upon putting their names in for the lottery drawing. They would be voted upon via phone and the Internet, due to their past actions, not on their future promises.

We wouldn't have to worry too much about which candidate won because they would only serve ONE SESSION, that is, only ONE year, not two.

They would less likely be open to fraud because at the end of their session, they would be coming back to their neighborhood to live with their decisions and their votes. No retirement benefits, no lobbying necessary, no political advertising and no political rallies needed.

Having a REAL house of representatives would help eliminate these criticisms of the U.S. Congress:

It doesn't take an exceptional person to help decide what's best for 99% of the folks back home, but it sure takes one hell of an exceptional being to lie-to and help others steal-from their families, neighbors and fellow countrymen, especially without being obvious. Sometimes they simply don't care about being obvious.

We would only need to deal with the House of Representatives because our one-session representatives would readily inform the rest of us of any nonsense going on in the Senate, the Supreme Court and the President's Office. It would certainly be in their self-interest to do so. Since they'd have to live with whatever knowledge they discovered while in Washington, and would not be able to trade their future on it, most nonsense being attempted against us would be flushed out rather quickly.

Those whose served for ONE SESSION would not be eligible to serve again as a representative. You can just imagine the lobbyists' horror when there's so fewer folk capable of being bribed!

You could also count on thorough debriefings between representatives leaving office and new ones entering. That would obviously be in everyone's self-interest. We could assume that the previous representative would be glad to tell the next representative what they had discovered, if for nothing else than their self-interest to try to protect their own family's future.

No election laws would have to be changed. The current ONE SESSION representive would resign their position and then a lottery drawing and vote would take place in time for the next session. Most decent folks would have had enough, trying to deal with these things for a year.

We would expect some overhead, such as a decent place for the representative to stay and transportation costs for them to be home as often as reasonable. But compared to current congressional expenses, this would amount to considerable savings.

We are all aware that our time to re-take control of our government is growing short, very short.

Folks need to think about ways to help refine the pluses and minuses of a ONE SESSION representative, so that non-sociopaths can re-take control of their lives again, as well as saving future generations from sociopaths now constituting the so-called "ruling class."

We would then see fewer commentaries written such as this: Washington's Not Listening To America!

If we don't do this, it will be just another reason that Sometimes The Dragon Wins

2010 by Edward Ulysses Cate
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