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Ownership/Control of a Publicly-Listed Corporation

Symbol Name Of Corporation

BB & T Corp. (As of 30-Jun-2007) (As of 30-Jun-2006)
Top 10 Institutional HoldersShares2007Value2006
Barclays Global Investors UK Holdings Ltd17,629,4163.20%$717,164,6423.07%
Vanguard Group, Inc. (The)15,068,2262.73%$612,975,4332.66%
State Street Corporation14,636,2142.65%$595,401,1852.95%
Branch Banking And Trust Company (North Carolina)7,877,7971.43%$318,184,2201.55%
Northern Trust Corporation5,290,822.96%$215,230,6381.10%
Norges Bank Investment Management Oslo, Norway4,011,506.73%$163,188,064-.--%
Mellon Financial Corporation3,936,791.71%$160,148,6570.78%
TIAA-CREF Investment Management, LLC3,540,309.64%$144,019,7700.73%
Citadel Limited Partnership2,978,663.54%$121,172,010-.--%
AXA (Paris, France)2,634,237.48%$107,160,7610.50%
% of Shares Held by All Insider and 5% Owners:0%0%
Top 10 [2.6%] of 382 Institutional Holders Control14.06%14.98%
Percentage of Barclays and "Associates" Control7.52%7.90%
NOTE: BB&T is the majority owner of Sterling Capital Management Company.

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