The Great Red Dragon
(Imperialistic Capital)

Ownership/Control of a Publicly-Listed Corporation

Symbol Name Of Corporation

Kohl's Corp. (As of 30-Jun-2007)
Top 10 Institutional HoldersShares2007Value2006
Capital Research And Management Company23,028,5007.25%$1,635,714,355-.--%
AXA (Paris, France)22,039,3876.94%$1,565,457,658-.--%
Price (T.Rowe) Associates Inc17,526,6085.52%$1,244,914,966-.--%
Wellington Management Company, LLP12,357,4043.89%$877,746,406-.--%
Janus Capital Management, LLC10,889,2813.43%$773,465,629-.--%
State Street Corporation10,089,0853.17%$716,627,707-.--%
Barclays Global Investors UK Holdings Ltd9,547,8713.00%$678,185,277-.--%
Vanguard Group, Inc. (The)8,641,5222.72%$613,807,307-.--%
FMR Corporation (Fidelity Management & Research Corp)6,022,6911.90%$427,791,741-.--%
Renaissance Technologies Corp5,837,4001.84%$414,630,522-.--%
% of Shares Held by All Insider and 5% Owners:18%-.--%
Top 10 [2.0%] of 499 Institutional Holders Control39.66%-.--%
Percentage of Barclays and "Associates" Control11.69%-.--%

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