Fighting To Survive

There was a movie released back in 1983 called "Wargames." The plot was about a young man who finds a back door into a military central computer in which reality is confused with game-playing, possibly starting World War III. The point is, after the computer analyzed every possibility of defense/offense, it came to the conclusion that the only way to win a global thermonuclear war was "Not To Play."

It turns out that "Not To Play" is also the ONLY way to win against The Great Red Dragon.

In today's global economic war, the only way for individuals to win is not to play. If we truly outnumber the "psychopaths with attaches," [see Snakes in Suits], then by sheer numbers, we should slowly, but surely, get America back. Why make the effort to get it back? Because there's no place to run to anymore. China's owned. South America's owned. Europe's owned. Russia's obviously owned. The old British Empire is certainly still owned. And the United States is quickly becoming owned. Make no mistake about it, this is THE end-game. There's even a corporate slogan called "Ambition 2012." You search for it and see for yourself. And this is only ONE of that group.

Okay, just how do we NOT play?

Below are web sites that you can use to help educate yourself. These folks have been around for quite some time.

Gold Anti-Trust Association
Gold Standard Institute
American Monetary Institue
From The Wilderness
Catherine Austin Fitts
Post Carbon Institute
Acres U.S.A. A Voice For Eco-Agriculture
Economy In Crisis
Against These Wars

I'm sure there are many more, so suggest other links via email and I'll take a look. Please understand that my endorsement of these sites does NOT imply that they endorse this site. They probably don't even know about this site. But in reality, they're so busy helping others they don't have the time to evaluate every new site that comes along. I know I don't.

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